Next Generation 911: The Future of the PSAP 

September 7th, 2021

Written by John McDonnell, Public Safety Sales Director

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What is Next-Gen 911?  

Next Generation 911 (otherwise known as Next-Gen 911 or NG911) has been a hot topic around the public safety industry. Because most 911 systems were originally built using analog technologies, public safety answering points (PSAPs) across the country need to be upgraded to a digital or IP-based 911 system to keep up with the evolving demands of the public. 

There are many transformational features of Next-Gen 911 that increase the efficiency and resiliency of the traditional PSAP. 

Some of its features include: 

Omnichannel Integration

(voice, photos, videos, and text messages) 

Screen Recording


CAD Integration

Geographic Location Tracking

(GIS Tracking)

These features are transformational for the traditional PSAP because they constantly evolve with the public. 

Why Should I Have it in my PSAP? 

The public’s needs are constantly changing and PSAPs must accommodate the changing forms of communication. To effectively serve and protect the community, PSAPs must be able to quickly act on dangerous incidents, efficiently capture the appropriate information to understand exactly what happened, and minimize the time spent to reconstruct those incidents. 

There are several benefits that NG911 has on PSAPs who adopt it: 

1. Creates a faster, more resilient system with enhanced emergency number services.

2. Seamlessly integrates all modes of communication to create a wholesome timeline.

3. Improves ability to manage call overload, natural disasters, and transferring of 911 calls and proper jurisdictional responses.

4. Allows all parties to connect with a 911 operator without having to talk on the phone.

5. Improves the focus and value of quality assurance programs. 

6. Minimizes time spent on incident reconstruction and improve evidence value.

NG911 is the future of Public Safety. Lead the way and see the benefits a Next-Gen 911 solution can have on your PSAP and surrounding community. 

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