Wilmac has been partners with NICE Public Safety for 28 years, working to equip PSAPs with recording solutions that help them better reconstruct an incident, understand it, and work at highest efficiency. The most popular Public Safety solution that Wilmac services and supports is NICE Inform, which is the industry-leading incident intelligence solution that gives emergency communication systems better insight into how to continuously improve their operations. NICE Inform has several applications that identify and address mission-critical needs of the PSAP. NICE Inform Evaluator is a QA/QI solution that helps PSAPs reduce risk and improve emergency response – by identifying telecommunicator knowledge gaps and compliance weaknesses, so they can be proactively addressed through coaching and training. 

The importance of an effective Quality Assurance (QA) program in your center cannot be understated. With NICE Inform Evaluator, you can elevate your QA program with workflow automation. The application enables evaluation of everything from a single interaction to complex incidents involving multiple channels, interactions, and people.  

What can Inform Evaluator do for my PSAP? 

There are multiple benefits to NICE Inform Evaluator that result in decreased costs and increased efficiency: 

  1. Automate manual processes. Finding the correct number and type of prescribed calls manually can take a lot of time. Evaluator’s automated, rule-based call selection cuts evaluation time in half, while increasing objectivity and consistency. 
  2. Customizable forms. Maximize the impact of your evaluations with customized call taking and dispatch QA evaluation forms.  Tailor evaluation questions and forms to different job responsibilities, seniority, types of incidents, or anything else. Evaluator can also be configured to support forms recommended by the latest APCO NENA ANSI-approved standards. 
  3. Seamless experience. Evaluator is an integrated module within the NICE Inform application suite, so it uses the same interface as the recording and incident reconstruction solution.  
  4. Evaluate single calls or entire incidents. Evaluate anything from a single call to a text message chain, to an entire incident. With Evaluator, management can gain insight into the incident handling process, teamwork, and individual contributions, which helps identify best practices and areas of improvement. 

With Wilmac as your service provider, you’ll reap the benefits of NICE Inform and applications like Evaluator while working with dedicated sales, implementation, project, and consulting teams that have your center’s best interests in mind. To see NICE Inform Evaluator in action, book a demo with Wilmac today.

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