As Ontario enters the second year of NG911 funding (out of a 3-year plan), it is important to be able to take advantage of what is being offered. As NG911 experts in the Public Safety space, we wanted to address a few questions to help you understand what’s at stake for your PSAP during this period.

What are the funds supposed to be allocated towards?

In Year 1, the funding was largely directed towards upgrading call handling solutions, phones, and personnel. As we move into year 2 and year 3 of funding, the focus is to take a holistic view of your PSAP and direct this funding towards your integrated technologies. This includes:

  • New integrated technologies
  • Hardware and software refreshes
  • Upgrades
  • Services associated with the cutover, including project support and infrastructure upgrades
  • Cybersecurity, such as server patching, resiliency, and minimizing the risk associated with unsupported hardware

What should I be looking at regarding my NG911 recording?

NICE Inform:

  • This funding can be used to upgrade your NICE Inform hardware. If you are on server OS2012 or older, the funding can be used to upgrade to updated hardware and software to protect your center from any cybersecurity threats.
  • IF you are interested in NICE Inform as a new recording solution as you migrate towards NG911, the funding can be used for this purpose.
  • IF you have been looking at potential upgrades to your NICE Inform like an Elite Uplift with CAD Integration, the funding can be used for this purpose.

NG911 Cutover Services:

  • All services associated with the NG911 cutover can be included under this funding, like:
    • Reconfiguring recording from legacy phones to new call handling solutions
    • Reconfiguring recording from analog to VoIP or ESINet


  • Any legacy call recording solutions (older, past manufacturers, old mediums) present a cybersecurity threat. This funding can be used to convert your legacy data.
  • Any additional cybersecurity issues such as patching for your NICE Inform hardware will be covered through the funding.

When should I apply for Year 2 funding?

The funding announcement and requirements will be released in early summer 2023. This funding will hopefully be available starting before December 2023, rolling into 2024.

What do I need to apply for Year 2 funding?

To apply for Year 2 funding, PSAPs will need to present (1) quotes associated with what you’re looking to upgrade or refresh and (2) a statement of work (SOW).

How can Wilmac help me during this period?

A common theme during years 2 and 3 of this transition period is to take a holistic view of your technology roadmap that runs through your center. Whether it be upgrades, refreshes, or associated services, Wilmac is available to map out your pathway to becoming NG911 compliant. This is new for every PSAP in the Province, so please contact us if you have questions.

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