The Value of Wilmac Sales Engineering 

January 20th, 2022

Written by Mark Huber, Senior Director of Sales Engineering

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Wilmac has offered solutions and services since it began selling dictation and transcription equipment in 1957. Now, those solutions have developed alongside the evolving technology that we know today, but there is a certain aspect of Wilmac that marries our sales and services: our Sales Engineering 

For most of Wilmac’s customers, interacting with a Sales Engineer usually includes things like a product demonstration, discussing your technical environment, and answering your technical questions. But Wilmac’s Sales Engineers (SEs) do much more for our customers.  We work closely with your dedicated Wilmac Sales Director behind-the-scenes to ensure that we are providing the best solution to meet your organization’s unique needs and goals. Each solution is carefully designed to ensure the highest standards of compatibility, completeness, and fault tolerance. Our Sales Engineers’ ultimate goal: to exceed customer expectations with every system that Wilmac sells.  

Wilmac SEs begin by ensuring that Wilmac has a thorough understanding of a customer’s objectives and of the various third-party technologies that the Wilmac solution will be integrating with. This often takes the form of a technical discovery, conducted in tandem with a Wilmac Sales Director.  

Once we have collected all the necessary information, our Sales Engineers select the best solution and set about creating a system design that is thorough, detailed, and accurate. Compatibility with your third-party systems is carefully researched and the best integration method is selected to ensure that we deliver a solution that provides peak performance for years to come. The solution design is then presented to you, the customer, to verify that all needs have been covered and that everyone fully understands the proposed solution.  

This is where Wilmac Sales Engineering connects the sales and service teams. When you place your order, our SEs meet with Wilmac’s Professional Services team to review the solution and to develop the implementation plan. This is then presented to you in a project kickoff meeting, attended by both the sales engineer and the installation engineer to ensure a smooth transition from presales to production.  

With Wilmac, your assigned Sales Engineer stays with you every step of the way because we believe that the long-term performance of a technology solution begins with a quality design.

Contact Wilmac if you’re interested in talking with one of our Sales Engineers.

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