Computer-aided dispatch systems, otherwise known as CAD, are utilized by individuals like dispatchers and 9-1-1 operators in Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) to prioritize and record incident calls, identify the status and location of responders in the field, and effectively dispatch responder personnel. These systems have a significant impact on how a PSAP performs and whether it is operating to full capacity.

      Your recording, quality assurance, and reporting also all play a part in the performance of your PSAP, but what if I told you that, combined with CAD integration, these features can make your PSAP run more efficiently?  

      Well, it can. 

      With NICE Inform, CAD data and analytics are embedded in virtually every module to save you time and help you surface critical operational performance and quality insights. Here are five key benefits of having CAD Integration as part of your Public Safety Recording Solution: 

      1. Search for and instantly retrieve entire incidents 

      You’re able to search for calls, radio, and test recordings related to an incident using CAD Incident Number. From 911 calls and recordings to CAD events with multiple 911 calls, you can automatically create a complete incident timeline with this feature. 

      2. Fulfill records requests quicker 

      With one interface, you’re able to access CAD incident data and related recordings all in one place, which can improve the speed and precision of evidence reconstruction and sharing. 

      3. Automate quality assurance call selection and scheduling 

      Use CAD incident type to monitor the calls that matter most to your PSAP through automated QA call scheduling.  

      4. Speed up investigations with GIS mapping 

      Interactive GIS maps allow you to view the geolocation of CAD incidents, calls, radio communications, and SMS texts. With that information, you can playback associated recordings from a specific area. 

      5. Make smarter, faster decisions with Incident Intelligence Dashboards 

      With a single, easily customizable dashboard, you can visualize all critical 9-1-1 performance measurements that matter. These dashboards then automatically calculate and display previously difficult-to-measure metrics that combine CAD data with telephony, radio, and QA data.  

      CAD Integration leads to an increase in efficiency and speed within the PSAP setting. With NICE Inform, you’ll reap the five benefits of CAD Integration that we just reviewed. To talk more about the best approach for your PSAP when it comes to CAD Integration, book a demo with our Public Safety team.

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