Workforce Management, otherwise known as WFM, is about managing multiple key demands in a contact center: forecasting, agent and staff scheduling, employee empowerment, performance management, and the processes around it. It can also be looked at as optimizing the use of your staff. When people typically think of the contact center, they envision rows of cubicles filled with people on headsets answering consumer questions. But, there’s an art to WFM. It’s all about getting the right agent, in the right place, at the right time. Workforce management enables more accurate forecasting, automated and intelligent scheduling, adherence monitoring, and performance management while solving business challenges like customer experience, employee engagement, and improved efficiency.

      So, why is WFM so important in the modern contact center?

      The simple answer: agility.

      From the onset of COVID-19, the workplace has evolved, especially in the contact center. Here are 6 reasons why the modern contact center needs agility:

      1. Remote employees need more autonomy, flexibility, and personalization.
      2. Leaders need to know their business inside and out – in comes greater customer and workforce intelligence.
      3. Increase automation and process optimization to lower costs and handle change.
      4. Customers expect wider channel access to brands.
      5. Vitality of cloud for scalability and remote operations.
      6. Competition for employee recruitment and retention as no longer bound by center location.

      Calabrio WFM is a leading application in the contact center space due to its agility with engaging, educating, and managing today’s workforce, whether it be remote or hybrid. No matter where they’re working, you’ll be able to engage and empower your employees with evolved self-scheduling, overtime requests, and Grant the AI-driven bot. You can increase transparency and communication with learning and development tools like customized reporting, personal dashboards, and QM-targeted coaching. Finally, you’ll be able to intelligently monitor and manage teams in the evolved world of work through forecasting and planning, advanced scheduling, intelligent adherence, and predictive analytics.

      WFM is the cornerstone to effective agents and improved efficiency. With Calabrio WFM and a partner like Wilmac, the combination of an agile platform and agile service team will help you reach your contact center performance goals.

      If you’re interested in learning more about WFM and employee engagement, watch our on-demand webinar 10 Tips to Boosting Agent Engagement through WFM. There, the experts from Wilmac and Business Systems Limited (UK) discuss better ways to leverage WFM to engage your agents through the Calabrio platform. Click here to watch.

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