If you’re a financial services organization (FSO) with regulated employees, you’re probably aware that under PCI DSS, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II and other trading regulations, all regulated employee communications must be recorded. With regulated employees still working from home and communication modalities such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom exploding in the past 24 months, it can be difficult for firms to record all employee communications across the many different communication platforms and modalities. This is where Wilmac and NICE come in for your compliance recording with NTR-X. 

Are you looking for a solution to capture and retain your employee communications while lowering TCO by up to 65%? Look no further than NICE Trade Recording (NTR-X). The industry’s only all-in-one compliance-focused trade conversation recording platform, NTR-X is used by the world’s leading banks and investment firms to record and retain trade conversations from turrets, desktop phones, mobile phones, and Unified Communications platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp, and Cisco Webex. 

Here are six solution features that make NTR-X the only choice for your organization’s unique compliance recording needs: 

1. Complete Compliance Assurance 

The first and only all-in-one communication recording and compliance assurance solution for complete lifecycle management of data, NTR-X reduces compliance risk and saves time by automating processes around compliance assurance and reporting, as well as responding to regulatory requests. With NTR-X’s automated recording checks and real-time reconciliation, you can ensure and prove that all trade conversations are being captured and retained as required by global regulations. 

2. Microsoft Teams Recording 

Microsoft Teams has exploded in popularity among back-office departments in trading firms for its ability to support multi-channel communications in one unified platform. NTR-X for Microsoft Teams, the world’s first Microsoft-certified compliance recording solution, ensures seamless recording, archiving, and retention of regulated employee communications on Teams (across voice, video, chat, screen sharing, document sharing and more). 

3. Zoom Recording

As of January 2022, NTR-X now provides compliance recording capture for Zoom communications, including Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone. Participating as a select early adopter partner, NICE worked with Zoom to create and utilize new APIs to meet the unique compliance recording needs of FSOs. 

4. Traditional and Mobile Phone Recording

Trading regulations like MiFID II require that all telephone conversations, including PBX (desktop phones), mobile phones, and electronic communications, be recorded. NTR-X captures, stores, and retains all types of traditional and mobile voice and SMS communications related to trading. 

5. WhatsApp Call Recording 

Mobile applications like WhatsApp are another form of communication that FSO employees are adopting, as these applications provide flexibility in connecting with customers remotely. As these communications still need to be recorded, NTR-X ensures WhatsApp voice conversations are being recorded. 

6. Trade Voice Transcription 

Complex investigations that involve large volumes of calls make finding, downloading, and transcribing every call important. While this process is typically manual, NTR-X automates costly and time-consuming processes around transcribing trade communications for e-Discovery and keyword searching. With NTR-X’s bulk extraction tools and highly accurate, cloud-based transcription service, you can download and transcribe over a million recordings a day. 

NTR-X is the clear solution of choice when it comes to lowering TCO, reducing compliance risk, saving time, automating processes, and responding to regulatory requests. NTR-X is designed to make compliance recording simple for FSOs, and with Wilmac’s consultative sales and managed services, all your bases will be covered. 

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