The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce and its member technology companies are putting on a brand-new full day conference called ROC on Tech 2022! On April 13th, Wilmac will be attending the conference to exhibit our voice archiving, compliance, and customer experience solutions and services. 

ROC on Tech 2022 is designed to create excitement around digital technology, introduce regional companies to the latest technology concepts, and give them direction on what they should be doing to upgrade their businesses to thrive for the next generation. 

Some highlights of the event include: 

  • Presentation by Ira Winkler (Chief Security Architect at Walmart) on cybersecurity 
  • Discussion with Mike Colyer (Foundry CEO) and Rob Shavell (Abine Co-Founder & CEO) on building SaaS companies, privacy, & crypto 
  • Fireside chat with Sasha Hoffman (Investor, Advisor, & Entrepreneur) and Austin McChord (Casana CEO) on the future of hardware disruption 
  • Keynote presentation by Apple Co-Founder, Entrepreneur, & Philanthropist Steve Wozniak 

The conference will also include a vendor showcase that Wilmac is excited to be a part of.  

Wilmac is excited to be attending ROC on Tech 2022 to showcase our abilities in the technology space and network with other regional business professionals. 

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