Continuity Replay x Public Safety: How to Manage Your Legacy Recordings 

February 21st, 2024

Written by John McDonnell, Public Safety Sales Director

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As someone working in a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), you understand the importance of recording and storing the interactions you have with those calling you and the entities being dispatched. But, what do you do when those recordings are many years old – and growing older every day?  

In many PSAPs, those recordings are stored on DVDs, tapes, old servers, or hard drives that stack up as time goes by. New technologies, changing vendors, and time in general cause an accrual of these old recordings, which can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. Retention is another factor to consider, as many PSAPs must hold onto their recordings for multiple years and sometimes indefinitely.  

So, you’re in one of the following situations:  

You have old recordings due to new technology.  

You have to find and access old recorded calls for legal purposes.  

You have old hardware with recordings on them stacking up in your center.  

You need to retain your old recordings indefinitely.  

You transitioned to a different recording vendor and must maintain and access your old recordings.  

How do you manage those recordings in a simple, efficient way?  

With Wilmac Continuity Replay, you have one centralized location for all your legacy recording data. It’s a secure storage space for you to easily locate specific recordings based on customizable criteria and associated metadata. Your recordings can also be stored indefinitely on the platform, so there’s no need to worry about hardware stacking up somewhere. Continuity Replay offers an easier and more efficient method of storage than what most PSAPs use currently.  

No matter how the audio was recorded, whether it be DVD, reel-to-reel, old servers, separate hard drives, or old standalone appliances, Continuity Replay will extract the data and convert it to a standard open format for easy ingestion. It also does not matter what system or vendor it was recorded on; call recordings from NICE, Eventide, Exacom, Verint, Revcord, Mercom, etc. can all be extracted, converted, and ingested into Continuity Replay, so you have a single, browser-based location for your call recording data. Its vendor agnostic architecture makes it flexible to your PSAP’s unique recording environment.  

The efficiency and day-to-day operations of your PSAP’s mission-critical environment are the top priority. But, managing legacy call recordings can easily become a full-time job. With Wilmac and our Continuity Replay solution, you can gain control of your old recordings and create a more streamlined process that will reduce the challenges that come along with managing a PSAP.  

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