Personalization & Digital Customer Journey Management 

February 9th, 2022

Written by Emily Miller, Director of Marketing

Blog, Cloud Contact Center

Digital customer journey management has become a complicated, inter-connected web of channels especially when it comes to customer service. Each time a new digital site is introduced and embraced by consumers, businesses must evaluate if and how it fits into their digital strategy. Brands need to put in the work and research to get their digital customer journey right – and that includes finding a communication platform that offers a unique, customizable experience for the customers you are working so hard to satisfy.  

NICE CXone found that 80% of consumers are willing to switch brands after a poor experience. The increasing demands that they pose offer a significant strain on businesses and figuring out how to satisfy them while meeting your bottom line is no simple task.   

The combination of digital technologies and big data has created a unique opportunity to apply personalization to digital customer journey management in creative and effective ways. With customer data being collected from a variety of sources, businesses can build a more holistic view of each customer so they can provide more targeted communications, offers, and experiences.  

With NICE CXone, there are three key features that help you apply personalization to your customer’s digital customer journey:  

1. Digital-first omnichannel service  

Your customers are trying to reach you for service on multiple channels, even if you’re not there. With CXone, you can provide a digital-first omnichannel service in all the channels your customers expect. There are over 30 messaging channels that you can utilize for personalized digital interactions. These channels are also pre-integrated, meaning they’re simple to activate.   

2. Combine all interactions in one inbox  

CXone empowers your agents and simplifies their job by combining all customer interactions in one intelligent inbox that covers multiple digital channels. It will dynamically prioritize the most time sensitive or real-time interactions all delivered in a single application. Full customer context, journey history, and sentiment are all found in one spot, giving the agent full control and awareness over their interactions.  

3. Holistic management

From agents to supervisors, CXone allows you to manage your omnichannel interactions holistically. This means that integrated workforce optimization, analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence tools ensure complete management across contact center operations. For example, AI-powered natural language and predictive behavioral routing is available for voice, chat, and digital messaging channels. AI-powered chatbots can seamlessly elevate interactions to agents, providing full context. Feedback surveys and speech/text analytics capture, analyze, and drive action on CX insights.  

A study conducted by Epsilon showed that 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase when they receive a personalized experience. When applying personalization to your customer service through an application like NICE CXone, you are positively impacting the new digital customer journey while addressing customer needs in an effective, unique way. 

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