Eyretel E500, E1000 

Eyrtel E500 and Eyretel E1000 voice loggers capture and archive interactions across contact center environments. 

Overview: Eyretel E500, E1000

Eyretel, also known as Eyretel by Enghouse Interactive, is a voice logger system designed for capturing and archiving phone conversations and interactions across contact centers in several industries. Both Eyretel E500 and Eyretel E1000 were different variations of Eyretel call recorders and served the purpose of recording calls to create a permanent record of customer interactions, ensuring compliance, dispute resolution, and quality assurance.  


Besides being a voice logger, Eyretel E500 and Eyretel 1000 emphasize reliability and data redundancy to ensure uninterrupted service and data preservation. 

Lanier LDL416 and Lanier LDL848 are re-nameplated versions of Eyretel E500 and Eyretel E1000, respectively. 



Support for Eyretel E500, E1000


If you are still using Eyretel E500 or Eyretel E1000, Wilmac Technologies can recommend the next best-fit recording solution upgrade from our portfolio depending on your industry and organizational requirements. 

If you are transitioning to a new vendor and have data that you must retain, you should also consider our data archiving solution Continuity Replay. Continuity Replay is a search and replay tool that extracts your data from its original system, converts it into an open file format, and securely stores it in a browser-based user interface. It is designed to get you back in control of your data and give your organization the flexibility to manage it without having to rely on the original vendor. 

Recommended Solutions & Upgrades

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