Racal Wordnet Series I  

Racal Wordnet Series I is an obsolete multichannel recorder.  

 Overview: Racal Wordnet Series I  

Racal Wordnet Series I is obsolete, and we suggest planning for immediate replacement. Manufacturer support for this recorder was withdrawn several years ago.  




Support for Racal Wordnet Series I

If you are still housing recordings on Racal Wordnet Series I, Wilmac Technologies can recommend the next best-fit recording solution upgrade from our portfolio depending on your industry and organizational requirements. 

If you would like to decommission your Racal Wordnet Series I recorder and have data that you must retain, you should also consider our data archiving solution Continuity Replay. Continuity Replay is a search and replay tool that extracts your data from its original system, converts it into an open file format, and securely stores it in a browser-based user interface. It is designed to get you back in control of your data and give your organization the flexibility to manage it without having to rely on the original vendor. It also reduces the risk and costs associated with maintaining legacy systems for compliance purposes. Wilmac Technologies has experience in extracting and converting DDS-2 and DDS-3 files and ingesting them into Continuity Replay for storage, search, and replay purposes. 

Recommended Solutions & Upgrades

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